Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization

Boost the efficiency of your enterprise applications by performance tuning and optimization with Java

作者:Osama Oransa
语言: English
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With the expansion of online enterprise services, the performance of an enterprise application has become a critical issue. Even the smallest change to service availability can severely impact customer satisfaction, which can cause the enterprise to incur huge losses. Performance tuning is a challenging topic that focuses on resolving tough performance issues.

In this book, you will explore the art of performance tuning from all perspectives using a variety of common tools, while studying many examples.
This book covers performance tuning in Java enterprise applications and their optimization in a simple, step-by-step manner. Beginning with the essential concepts of Java, the book covers performance tuning as an art. It then gives you an overview of performance testing and different monitoring tools. It also includes examples of using plenty of tools, both free and paid.